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The Anton Group

The Anton Group - TAG provides advisory and accounting services to public schools in Minnesota. We deliver full business management, accounting, payroll, and advisory services to charter and traditional school districts.  Additionally, we have help issue $100+ million in tax-exempt debt financing for our partner school's facilities.   

Our collective firm wide experience exceeds 100 years of school business management.  Our well-developed business acumen provides our clients with exacting school-specific services and advice.  Services ranging from facility financing management to internal audit processes are critical to the operations of a high functioning charter school. 

Homegrown work ethic and commitment to fostering long standing client partnerships is the bedrock of TAG.  Our team comes to work each day to ensure the client is happy and the work gets done.  It's a simple formula that has worked for centuries and will continue to work. 

Below are some bios of our management team.  Feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call - we'd love to chat!     

"Each school is different from the next.  Needs for a school can be as equally different from their neighbor.  We've developed an approach and system of support so that each school has their needs met and service expectations exceeded.  We take great pride in the work we do - and it shows"

Mike Pocrnich, CPA

Managing Director - TAG

Our Management Team
Mike Pocrnich, CPA
Managing Director

mpocrnich@theag.org | Phone: 952.240.7143

Mike has been providing top-level financial advisory and management consulting to charter schools since 2004.  After founding The Anton Group, Mike has gone on to develop the most agile financial management firm providing service to charter schools.  Mike’s experience includes auditing charter schools with a large national CPA firm, working with 50+ start-up schools, and leading his mature schools through debt financing process for facility needs, expansion planning, and replication planning. 


Additionally, Mike has extensive experience working with national CMOs and EMOs such as KIPP and ACCEL Schools.  By partnering with supportive business partners and investing in good people TAG has lead the evolution of financial services provided to charter schools.  In addition to providing services to charter schools, Mike also sat as the Board Treasurer for Aspen Academy.  Mike holds an active Certified Public Accountants license in MN.  Mike is a member of the MNCPA, AICPA, MASBO, and other organizations.

Scott Brown, CPA, MBA
Director of Operations

sbrown@theag.org | Phone: 651.335.1621

Scott has worked in school finance in varying capacities for over the past decade.  Most recently, Scott served as controller of several large public school districts and charter schools.  His experience in managing complex school financial settings gives Scott financial management skills not easily found. 


Scott’s success in building relationships, developing tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and improving the operations of his clients makes him a leader in the industry.  As the Director of Operations, Scott’s experience working with development schools through the operational phase provide our partner clients with the most credentialed and experienced financial manager available to charters today.  Scott holds an active Certified Public Accountants license in MN.  Scott is also a member of the MNCPA, AICPA, MASBO, and has served as the board chair for the Lupus Foundation of MN.

Brady Hoffman, CPA
Finance Manager

bhoffman@theag.org | Phone: 507.213.1392

Brady has spent his entire career working with school districts and charter schools in varying capacities. Most recently, Brady served as Executive Director of Business Services for a large and growing metro school district. Brady’s career began in public accounting he was a manager at a large national CPA firm in their state and local government group.


After his tenure at the CPA firm, Brady gained valuable experience working at various school districts as a Director of Accounting, Director of Business Services, and Executive Director of Business Services. Brady brings a wealth of experience in business leadership, board governance, strategic planning, and school district operations. Brady has also successfully lead multiple districts through substantial finance, human resources, and payroll system conversions leading to operational efficiencies and cost savings. Brady is a graduate from Gustavus Adolphus College and holds an active Certified Public Accountants license in MN. Brady is also a member of the MNCPA, AICPA, MASBO, and other professional organizations.

Dawn Jenkins
Director of Client Services

djenkins@theag.org | Phone: 651.274.5149

Dawn's experience working with charter schools extends beyond a decade of service.  Dawn’s ability to review and improve charter office operations provides TAG’s clients with the most skilled operations manager in the industry. 


Dawn serves as TAG’s operations manager and oversees the staffing levels and continually assesses the pending demand on TAG’s services.  Through strong professional development programs developed and managed by Dawn; TAG's support staff are some of the most consistent and accurate professionals in the industry.  Dawn's experience and oversight of TAG's internal operations ensure the partner clients are well supported in the foundational business procedures.  

Operations Team

Our operations team is comprised of various skillsets required to get the work done.  The operations team provides the core processing, analytical, and overall support for the school's operations.  Led by staff members with experience working with single site charter schools, national CMOs/EMOs, and national charter school advocacy organizations the team provides exacting services rooted in direct experience with charter school operations.  Also, we have some darn fine accountants who just love to crunch numbers.


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