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Make every minute count

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make today count. Better yet, make every minute count.

Self-awareness and presence can be difficult to master. I often find myself focused on the wrong thing...whether it be the wrong work project, wasting time on social media, or just not centered in the moment. Wasted time you cannot get back is the only result from allowing yourself to veer off of course. Perspective on time is your best friend...we only have a small amount of that resource.

Since TAG was founded, we've had the typical ebb and flow of a growing business. Sleepless nights spent worrying about making the right decision were an epidemic in the early years. Did we make the right hire? Are our fees competitive? Are we consistently providing the best service we can muster? Guess what...all the worrying changed nothing. Making assertive steps in managing our growth changed everything. Being aware of our weaknesses and having long term presence to address the shortcomings has made TAG a very strong company.

The same rules apply to managing our school's finances. Our interactions with our clients are the most important work we perform. Onsite meetings, emails, phone calls, board meetings all matter more than anything else we do. Every TAG team member focuses on delivering the best customer care in our industry. By being present in the moment and giving full attention to the matter at hand is not an is demanded. Maintaining a high level of self-awareness and accountability to ourselves and team members has allowed our firm to maintain long standing partnerships with our schools.

We work hard to make every minute count for our schools and each other. Anything short of exceeding that standard isn't worth the time.

Thanks for your time.



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